Corals magical pearls-Coral was a beatiful scarlett colored horse but the most beatifulest thing was her pearl headband oh it was truly the rarest thing in north of north you ask how coral got it?well it started on a dark dark night coral was sitting on a rock and came along moonlight and said "hey coral why are you so sad?" coral just sighed and said my mother told me when i was young she told me a story she said on april 30 just when the first flower bloomed the moon would be full and the ocean would shine just like diamonds and there would be a special gift for me . My mother was right about everything expect my gift she told me i would find a blue pearl necklace of true beilevers but i never did . moonlight sighed and said my mother told me the same story but there was a trick to it you have to beilive."beilieve in what coral said Beilive that the moon will be full and beilive that the ocean will shine like diamonds just as those words were spoken moonlight left. coral sat al night beliveing and she saw everything her mother told her a full moon and an ocean shinign like diamonds but her pearl beiliver necklace wasnt there but she didnt care she knew she beilived and it happend then coral saw sara and sara said "my child you were the first to belive in the moonlight legend and i see its true beacuse beliving is stronger than magic . Oh but i really wnated my pearl necklace . sara smiled and siad my child go look in the droplet mirror coral did and guess what she saw a beatiful rare moonlight beliver necklace.



 Farah magical day


 Farah was the most beatifulest horse on the land everyone always said "Fara your so pretty".Fara was pretty tired of people calling her very pretty she wanted to show them that she was also beatiful on the inside so she went to the wise sara and told her I want to be known not for my beauty but for my heart so what should I do to prove it? Sara slightly said well go visit bellissa shes awfully sick and nobody visited her so be a dear . As farah arrived bella said i must go make sure all the horses are  doing well please give bellissa her medicine right away its on that rose petal .Bella left, Farah decided it was time to give bellissa her medicine as she tried to there wasnt even a drop inside the rose petal ,Farah panicked she looked at the ingredints amethyst dust and pearls dreams ,she asked bellissa where to get them .the amthyst was inside a super dark cave but farah knew she must so she luckily found them with the help of soccoro next was a pearls dreams to get that she had to enter mahinas cave but she couldnt swim but she risked her own life and dived in and of course mahina gave her air bubbles but they didnt last too long . Farah got Home there standing Bella and sara bella thanked farah  she also said it takes me a whole week to find this ingredints and oyu found them in a  day im impressed and sara said you see just for bellissa you risked your life an faced your fears from this day you will be known for you beatiful heart




Amors best valentines day

 Amor was a beatiful horse with  a beatiful heart . Amoras job was to bring love in north of north .But have you wondered why they call him amor ? Well beafore amor brought love to north of north amor was a very unappy and unloved horse he hated valentines day .So one day amor came to the  wise sara to ask "sara how come i cant feel love? sara answered beacuse you need to find it so amor listened and tryed to search for it so one day amor was asked to fly over to venus the goddes of love to ask for some pixie dust so amor flew and asked venus for somepixie dust she said they ran out and to get they pixie dust they must travel to forbidden love woods  it was very far journey amor and venus were very close freinds they visited each other quite often but as they were walking he saw an arrow flying towards venus he tryed to warn her but she didnt understand so amor ducked in front and was shot by the arrow Venus asked why did u do that you got hurt he siad i dont know as he was saying these words sara apread she said that arrow was sent as a test from the cupids and you passed you risked your life for her beacuse you care about her and you love heras those words were said amor felt warmth and venus and amor ended up toghther and amor was known for having the biggest heart


learn to love

A special story from our freind lauren larsen and she hopes you enjoy the story

A helping hoof!
one day ondine was swimming around in splash bay when she heard a noise.she saw a baby horse in the water that could not swim. she swam
over and found out it was pavonne. pavonne was a mistreated horse. everyone made fun of her, but ondine saved her. pavonne said she was on a special mission. she had to bring a special note to bella. but bella was on the other side of the lake. but ondine said she would teach pavonne how to swim. soon after pavonne was able to swim and she swam across the lake and gave the message to bella. bella thanked ondine for teaching pavonne how to swim. and from that day on ondine was treasure and edana's helper!
 If you would like to publish your own story on here please email me at thanks lauren


                                                        christmas stories

Sleetmanes magical christmas

Sleetmanes favorite holiday was coming up christmas and all of the winter horses were exited so they all decided to throw a big christmas party everyone was so exited. Everyone was helping out expect sleetmane well at least he tryed but he alwyas got in the way so iceking sent him away to find sara as sleetmane was walking he started to feel very chilly he never felt this cold then wind started blowing it was a blizzard and he was stuck in the middle of north of north sleetmane but sleetmane wanted to turn back but he had a mission and the other snow horses would be disapointed in him so sleetmane walked throught the blissterin winds and heard a cry it was starfrost he was lost looking for his family so sleetmane helped him find his family and his path he met lots of other horses in need of help  he helped soccora round up her crickets and helped other horsess too by the time he was done it was dark and the party was over but sleetmane walked up to saras castle and she wasnt there so he started to return to the party where he knew everyone would be diapointed in him but when he got there the horses screamed "suprise" he smiled and said but why? sara gently smiled and said " sleetmane the horses calle d me beacuse they were very worried about you not returning and when ever horse you helped told me what youve done we all agreed that this party should be for you beacuse you are the most genoruos caring horse ive ever known from that day on sleetmane was crowned king of the snow herd beacuse he was a great leader and very helpful and everyone was happy!!


when you do something for others you wil always get something in return


never give up

Snowflake always sat by the white frost lake watching all the other horses iceskate she wished she can too but snoflake really adored how snowdreamer iceskated she was the most beatifulest iceskater in north of north snowfalke tryed to twirl like she did but she couldnt so one day snowflake came up to snowdreamer and asked can you teach m,e how to ice skate please ? snowdreamer agreed and they started practing but snowfalke could not get it and every time she fell she said i cant i just cant snowdreamer always told her try agian after many falls snowfalke gave up snowdreamer came up to snowflake and said did you know when i strated iceskating i was even worse than you all the horses luaghed at me but my father put these words in my head never give up an i didnt and now im the most beatifulest skater of all times so please dont give up snowfalke decided to give it a try and  ended up being very good . It was time for the olympic iceskating of north of north everyone joined including snowfalke and snowdreamer they strated skating ao beatifully he crowd was pleases after the olympics stopped sara anonouced we have a tie between snowfalke and snowdreamer from now snwofalke and snowreamer are called the best ice skaters in town and they both learned form there mistakes and imprtantly never gave up.

learn form your mistakes and never give up


Ebenos and the dark night

Ebenos was a special horse sara gave him a gift HIS EYES were so unique they could see in the dark  , sara gave him this special gift beacuse when ebenos was born Bella had a dream that ebenos would save North of North so Bella told Sara about the dream and Sara gave him the gift of extrodanary eye sight. One night sara was looking outside her window and all of a sudden North of North went pitch black there was no light , sara went to moonligh to see what was going on moonlight controlled night ,sara saw moonlight she was crying what happened sara said  i lost my crown without it i cannot control night and we cannot find it its to dark . Sara annouced we need light one of us must find diamond and bring her here  but fiona repilied we cant see in the dark but i know who can Ebenos! Ebenos disagreed even though he can see in the dark diamonds cave was where the wolfs den so sara talked to him and told him if you dont north of north will be dark forever so ebenos went to diamond after a couple of minutes a bright light shined through it was Diamond !! Diamond shined light and moonlight found her crown and light was back all beacuse of ebenos and north of north cheered for ebenos!!


Ebenos faced his fears you should too


Lien and corals big wish      Lien is an  earth horse but she loves water more than anyhting elese in the world she is an extradonary swimmer and wishes to be an underwater horse she also  made freinds with some underwater horses but her best freind was coral she loved taking to her especailly about the underwtaer kingdoms , coral always asked lien about land and how to walk on four legs coral loved land more than water she wished she could be a land horse so they decided to talk to Sara about there wishes Sara was wise and said Tommorow morining coral you will wake up on soft green meadow and lien you will wake up in fresh water with a fin coral and lien were both thrilled next morning lien woke up in fresh waters with a fin and coral woke up im a soft meadow and stood up with four legs lien loved being a water horse she swam and swam and looked out of the water and saw horses chasing after each other she missed the soft meadows coral sat in the fresh meadow and loooked at the sarkling water and missed moving and splashing her fin around but she mostly missed her father so one day coral ran up to the water and called for lien coral said I miss being a water horse i miss splashing my tail and lien said I miss just sitting in the meadow gazing at the hot sun all of a sudden sara apeared and said lien you were never meant to be a water horse and coral you were never ment to be a land horse sara soflty smiled and asked lien would you like to wake up tommorow on a soft meadow and coral would like to splashing waves tommorow" yes"!! they cheered next morning coral was splashing her tale and lien was just sitting in the meadow gazing at the hot sun they liked being who they are no matter what


you are perfect jsut they way you are





Did you know....?

Clio is the smartest horse in north of north she is the only horse who can write or read

clio.jpg image by Natalie_Star5

 new stories

                Ondine and bubbles

 Ondine was a unique horse she was the only underwater   horse who had four legs , ondine was not allowed in the water kingdom beacuse her mother the water horse fell in love with an earth horse and that was not allowed !!Ondine found  a small place by the water fall no horse went there beacuse no one knew this place exitsted , one day ondine was walking an accidently stepped on a rock but it moved and a head popped out it was a sea turtle she called it bubbles they beacame best freinds!!One day ondine noticed the water level drop in the underwater kingdom she decided to warn the king but he wouldnt listen so weeks passed the water level was an inch so ondine said please listen to me i tryedd to warn you but you didnt listen !! and now see what happend !! the king strated to listen she said i found a place not to far from here it has alot of water please follow me . ondine was right and the under water kingdom moved in and the king took of his crown and gave it to ondione and annouced ondine is the queen she saved us all. and always will be a hero till this day.


dont be afraid  to speak up






Starfrost was a very small horse some said he was the smallest horse in North of North sometimes nobody even noticed him

his mother said even the most tinest have the biggest hearts starfrost loved it when she said  that . One day sara announced everybody in North of North gather as much flowers as you can flora is sick her flowers all got dried up she needs more flowers . starfrost got right to work  while the other horses just stood their  starfrost worked none stop so when the day came sara annouced show me how much flowers you collected for flora she passed by and saw everyone had big piles she was pleased but then sara stopped and stared everybodys head turned they saw all there piles put toghter and times by  7 sara smiled and said who did this ? out came strafrost all in flowers sara smiled and said this horse is as small as a rose and picked the biggest pile of all this shows true courage  . Every one was proud of starfrost and flora thanked him all North of North thanked him and in reward Sara gave him a horn not any ordinary horn the horn of wisdom starfrost was always  called the small horse with the big heart.




Night and day

Leanardo was a beatiful and magical horse but he had a problem he could never see night and  sara couldnt see morning it was an evil spell put on them by litchy the baddest horse  of North of North , it all started all one early morning leanordo and sara were gazing into each others eyes they were truly in love  everybody in bella sara knew it but there was a promblem leanardo was also loved by a horse named litchy she was the most baddest horse in bella sara and she wanted leonardo to love her she hated sara so one day she thought of an evil curse that separtes leonardo and sara she separted them by day and night so leonardo never saw sara they walked the same land but never saw each other , so leonardo  went to the most wisest goddes of all SARA he asked her what should i do about this curse ? SARA couldnt  undo litchias spell it was too strong so she told leonardo litichia only separted you by night and day so before the sun sets down  sit in the meadow and wait for sara  . Leonardo listened and left . The sun was setting Leonardo waited and saw sara she almost cryed and asked how litchias powers are strong but her words are weak she never separted us beetwen day and night .Sara and leoanordo never left the meadow they waited till sunrise and for litchia she was banned forever!!







bella sara stories

this stories are fictional






The story of thunder and The lion

Once on a stromy night  a black foal was walking through the rainy night looking for shelter, then all of a sudden saw a big tree , so he decided to sleep there through the night . When the foal  wakes up it hears a soft purr it looks up there is a lion sleeping , the foal is scared so he quietly trys to sneak away but hes leg is stuck so he shakes the tree and the lion falls out and growls , the foal runs for miles and miles he runs with no other horse in sight . Night strikes agian he is looking for shelter so he decides to ask the horses  if he can stay with them , the horses disagreed they didnt like him , no one liked him so he ran and ran and stumbled up agianst the tree the lion grrs at the young foal but he sits still . The lion trys agian but the foal doesnt budge so the lion asks: kid are you not scared of  me ? The foal says no why should i? the lion was in shock beacuse everyone for miles and miles were scared  of the old lion so the lion starts talking with the young foal and decides to take him in , the young foal had no mother or father so the young foal grew up into a young stallion and everyone called him THUNDER he was the bravest horse in bella sara land every horse respected him.

Thunder faced his fears you should to

                                                          thank you



Nike sat in the clear meadow and watched horses soar through the sky,Nike wished he could fly to , he would always sit alone and imagine what it will be like to fly with the other horses .Nike had no freinds beacuse he was the only horse in skylands that could not fly , so the other horses made fun of him and one day Nike decided to go to the wisest leader of all north of north.Nike asked sara  why cant i fly? SARA answered beacuse you dont belive in your self , you need to belive to do great things Nike thought about what sara said and so he decided to fly he spread his wings and started to lift off the ground but fell agian he tryed and tryed and gave up . One night Nike heard a scream it was daphne a baby horse , she was just learning how to fly so everybody yelled save her nike belive in yourself so Nike  closed his eyes and flapped his wings and started to slow down but he belived and rescued daphe and since then no one would say anything bad about Nike because he was hero .

Nike never gave up and belived in himself you should to.



Fiona and the fox



Fiona lived in a small forest where she was just happy she was freinds with animals sorrounded by her , she always tuaght them to tell the truth and etc . Every animal in North of North thouaght that Fiona gave the best advice .One day a fox nearby walked to fiona and told her a promblem the fox said : Fiona please help me!! i have no shelter no food please help !! Fiona replied: of course what can i do maybe i can give you shelter and some food  . No no replied the fox i do not take food or shelter maybe we can trade  please i have very valubable rock  please take it for exchange of one of those pearls , fiona sighed she  had 3 pearls and each one was magical but fiona was not selfish and traded but the sly fox triked her giving her a plain  rock , the fox went one and knocked one a door nearby fiona it was floras house covered in flowers the fox wanted to make a trade for a magic rose but fiona warned everyone about the fox so flora gave him a plain  rose he thought it was real and brought it to sara she knew the fox was sly so the fox said i have collected the most valubable thing in North of North im the most powerful Sara smiled and said these things you hold in your hand are fake you are a theif and this gifts have no power without the horse so the fox was banned from North of North all thanks to fiona she was the hero forever






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