Did you still have questions that are answered please post them here and i will update them


Everybody has questions about this site and some have no time to email me so here is all your questions and answers!!!

I dont have an yahoo how can i connect with you or even ask you questions?

well first make a yahoo but if oyur parents wont let then please on the chat page write your question or comment


 Why cant you add more codes more often?

 beacuse finding reusable codes are hard and once i do i post it.


where do you get the backrounds from?

 i get the backrounds from google i type in myspace backrounds .


 where do you get your poll and quizzes?

i get them from www.xat.com p.s they have chat boxes


where do you get your games from?



Did you copy parys website?

 no , i thought her website was great but our websites are tottaly diffrent:)


 how old are you?

 i am 13 turning 14 

What series of bella sara do you have?

i have all the series completed







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